Peo’s 10 Short Relaxation Exercises

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The double album Peo’s 10 Short Relaxation Techniques is presenting oral instructions in techniques for creating a relaxed state of body and mind. It is not soothing music, but direct instructions in what to do with your awareness to create a relaxed state. The approach is indirect; you do not imagine the relaxed state through suggestive techniques or fantasy; you direct your attention in ways that open up for a spontaneous state of relaxation. Our approach is not New Age; it is Old Age.

Introduction to the Short Relaxation Exercises
The Body and the Breathing
The Breathing and the Mind
The Current
The Free Breathing
Chaos and Order
The Lift
Breathing of the Heart
The Form of Your Consciousness
The Space of Your Body
The Extended Relaxatioin Exercise


Peo’s 10 Short Relaxation Exercises

Yoga nidra

A Short Instructed Relaxation Practice Means New Energy and Clarity for Your Day

Two basic techniques for relaxation, body awareness and concentration on the spontaneous breathing, are used here – with different, varied approaches – in 10 short relaxation exercises. These exercises are very effective as short breaks during your day. A relaxation exercise of about 10 minutes will give you a pleasant state of calmness whilst at the same time refreshing your energy and clearing your mind. If you regularly return to a deeply relaxed state, you may be able to cope better with the daily feeling of stress, thereby avoiding unpleasant reactions in your body and mind. Using these relaxation practices may give you a feeling of greater wholeness.

The Series: Relaxation – a State of Recreation

This double album with short relaxation exercises is the first in a planned series of relaxation techniques. The following four double albums will be instructions in different variations of Yoga Nidra, a more comprehensive and deeper kind of relaxation practice, exploring the interesting mental area between wakefulness and sleep. What is it like to be in a state of deep inner silence and calmness?

Relaxation and Yoga

Yoga is a rich tradition of many different techniques for influencing your body and mind. Some yoga traditions focus merely on the physical exercises, in yoga called Asanas. The whole of yoga, though, involves so much more. You have cleansing processes (like nasal cleansing with Rhino Horn), breathing exercises, energy exercises, relaxation exercises, concentration, and meditation practices.

Relaxation exercises are mental techniques creating deep calmness and wakefulness. The mind tends to attach itself to the senses and the inner churning of thoughts. This attachment blocks the possibility of deep calmness. How can you make the mind let go of the attachment and find a good relaxed state? This letting go is often expected to happen through control, but that method is not likely to succeed. Your willpower will never overrule the subconscious mind. In these relaxation exercises, you choose other strategies to get to the relaxed state. Among other techniques, you may use concentration on your body or your spontaneous breathing. You also take into account that concentration is not easily established. The first step, therefore, is to accept your mind’s need to move through automatic processes of thoughts, mental pictures, moods, and emotions. You may experience your mind’s occupation from a different perspective and learn that, paradoxically, disturbing thoughts, etc. are not blocking the relaxed state, but are more likely to be assisting the process.

During the instructions in these relaxation practices, you will encounter periods of silence intended for practising the instructions.

PeoPer Peo Olsen is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1948. He has been a yoga teacher since 1973, from 1976 in Oslo, Norway. Together with his wife, Parvati K. Farestveit, he has educated a large number of yoga teachers in Norway. Peo has designed the quality Neti Pot Rhino Horn, a medical device for nasal cleansing, sold in many countries in Europe, in North and South America and some countries in Asia.


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